Periodontitis is the inflammation of the tissue around the teeth. This occurs when plaque byproducts destroy the tissues that anchor your teeth to the jawbone. The gums deteriorate and begin detaching themselves from teeth, forming gum pockets, which allows more plaque to collect below the gum line. This causes the roots of the teeth to become susceptible to decay. If left untreated, this gum disease can moderately increase and lead to your teeth’s bone tissue to deteriorate.

At General Dentistry Centers, we want to provide the best periodontal care to help you maintain and fight the bacteria that can dim your smile.

Perio Protect

The custom perio tray is fabricated to fit precisely over your teeth and gum tissue. The special seal helps place medications into the gingival crevice or periodontal pocket. We will determine which medication is most appropriate for your perio treatment and how often the tray will need to be worn. It is convenient and easy to use for fighting bacteria-causing diseases in a comfortable way.


periodontics-gdc_plaqueWe help prevent the start of gum disease by eliminating plaque. Plaque is a buildup of particles from the foods you eat every day. Once sugars are introduced to plaque, it turns into a tooth-eating acid that sits just above the gum line. If regular oral care isn’t standard, the acid will start eating at the teeth and gums.

Plaque that is allowed to sit for prolonged periods of time can cause cavities, gingivitis and other problems in your mouth. If left untreated, serious procedures may be required to restore your dental health.

Tooth Scaling

A nonsurgical way to treat gum disease, tooth scaling removes plaque, tartar and hard crusty calculus deposits loaded with bacteria. This is a preventative measure to protect your teeth. Sub-gingival tooth scaling is necessary to clean the plaque and tartar in areas below your gum line.

Root Planing

After scaling, your tooth’s root may need a detail scaling to decrease the inflammation caused by gum disease. By detailing your tooth’s root, we eliminate plaque and biofilm development. Depending on your case, we may also recommend medication to help control infection, pain or to encourage healing.

Periodontal Bone Graft

This technique is used to restore your natural jaw line and smile to provide a strong and sturdy foundation for implant-supported teeth. We use your natural bone and/or bone substitutes to reshape and encourage regeneration where it has been lost.

Gum Lift

A gum lift may be performed to create a more even gum line. Patients with a gummy smile can quickly and safely have unwanted tissue removed, thus exposing more teeth to shape a more attractive smile.periodontics-gdc_gingivitis


One of the early stages of gum disease, gingivitis develops as toxins, enzymes and other plaque byproducts that irritate your gums, making them tender, swollen and likely to bleed easily. With proper oral hygiene and regular visits to our office, we can stop gingivitis in its tracks.


To achieve your best smile, we offer a procedure to remove excess tissue that connects the lower and upper lips to the jaw and gum line.

Flap Surgery

This is a procedure where the gum flap is lifted away from the tooth to thoroughly remove stubborn plaque and tartar. The goals of flap surgery are to reduce the depth of the periodontal pockets to make them easier to remain clean and keeping your smile healthy and beautiful.

Bone Regeneration

Bone regeneration is used to rebuild the supporting structures around the teeth that have been destroyed by periodontal disease. When you lose a tooth, both bone and gum tissues compete for the vacant space. By using a membrane placement, we can keep the gum tissue from taking over the space, allowing the bone to regenerate for a strong foundation for implant-supported teeth.

Advanced Periodontitis

With severe periodontitis, a radical amount of gum and bone tissue is lost. Usually, teeth lose more support as the disease continues to destroy the periodontal ligament and bone. We help restore your smile and dental health to further prevent advancing periodontitis.

Health Effects

Studies have shown links between periodontal (gum) disease, heart disease and other health conditions. Research further suggests that gum disease may be a more serious risk factor for heart disease than hypertension, smoking, cholesterol, gender and age. With our help and regular oral evaluations, we can help restore your smile and get you to a healthy, happy state.